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Error Notification and Tracking with Merb + Hoptoad

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Our merb app needed some kind of exception notification. We could have gone the route we chose with our older Rails apps, ie, just mail all exceptions to some kind of alias like errors@ourcompany.com.

But that approach would leave us with no way to centrally review all errors from a web page short of sending them to a central exception notification app via REST or something. Surely there had to be a tool of some sort that already did this, right?

After some investigation, I happened upon Hoptoad, an app by the folks at thoughtbot.

And it turned out that there a great merb plugin for Hoptoad too (by http://atmos.org/)!

It’s easy to set up, and once you have it up and running, all your errors go into a central Hoptoad project repository.

The Project List

The Project List

A project page in Hoptoad gives you a convenient summary of all the errors that have occurred in your app with an error summary and error count.

Project Error List

Project Error List

The detailed error page show you the environment variables, a backtrace, as well as many other useful details.

Error Details

Error Details

All in all, using hoptoad is a great way to set your app up for error notification and tracking. It’s easy too – the whole process took me an hour, from signing up with hoptoad to setting up merb_hoptoad_notifier, to getting error notification emails!


Written by talhasyed

January 22, 2009 at 4:50 pm

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